About Us

Cotton Source Inc. is located in Mississauga, ON, Canada. We cater high quality raw cotton and cotton bales. We have revolutionized the cotton industry with high diligent efforts, we have achieved specialization in the manufacturing of Raw Cotton and today we are well reckoned as one of the overriding Raw Cotton Manufacturers and Cotton Bales Exporters in continental North America.


We deal with following specification / processing from field to packaging of our material into bales.

1. Length:

The average length of cotton fiber after the ginning process.

short staple : less than 25 mm

medium staple : 25 to 30 mm

long staple : 30 to 37 mm

extra long staple : 37mm and above

2. Micronaire:

The size of an individual cotton fiber taken in cross-section. (example 3/5 – 4.9)

3. Strength:

Power of the fiber to sustain the application of force (as applied in spinning) without breaking. Pressley = measurement of fiber strength.

4. Handle:

(Feel) roughness, smoothness, pliability, thickness.

5. Color:

degree of Whiteness (30 Standard colour grades), bleached cotton Linters

6. Cleanness:

Contamination: Wet, Dirt, Weather, Foreign Matter, Motes/Seed Coat/Nep. trash content (the “Leaf” content of ginned cotton lint… 8 grades.)

7. Pima:

(long, extra-long staple cotton, 10% cotton production.)

8. Ginning Process:

for cleaning, blending, removal of foreign material. First ginning process, 2nd ginning process or 3rd ginning process. Called reigned cotton.