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How to Wear Denim to Your Holiday Parties and Still Look Fancy as Hell

Holiday party time is upon us (I have two on the same day this week so, yeah there’s that). And if you haven’t figured out what you’re wearing yet, it’s okay. We’re here to help. Deciding the perfect outfit for your company’s party is a big part of the holiday season. Do you wear a […]

Is cotton the best fabric?

When I was a kid , there was a very tall cotton tree in one of my neighbors backyard with  fruits which looked like long mangoes. I was very fascinated with the fruits and thought that must give a lot of cotton. When the fruits ripen, they open up and a  silky white fur  is […]

Why cotton?

Cotton is natural Everyone knows cotton is a natural fibre produced by the cotton plant – don’t they? But you might not know cotton plants are a leafy, green shrub and a member of the Hibiscus family. They have cream and pink flowers for a short time only and once pollinated, the flowers are replaced […]

100% COTTON: Organic, Pima, Combed, Stretch, Eco and Semi Luxury Blends

Cotton can occur not only in white, but also in natural rose, buff, brown, red, chocolate, green – even lilac, blue, and black. For centuries, cotton was a symbol of India. “…It is so transparent and light that it looks as if its one is in no dress at all but has only smeared the […]

Women’s Stylish Cotton Dresses in Canada

Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton & Hemp Bateau-Neck Dress If you’ve heard anything about hemp, you know it lasts. It’s a strong natural fiber that gets softer with every wash, and it’s even more durable than cotton. Thankfully, this timeless silhouette will last just as long. * By Eileen Fisher * Subtle slubbed texture * Easy […]

Cotton Still the “Fabric of Our Lives”

Cotton today is the most used textile fiber in the world. Its current market share is 56 percent for all fibers used for apparel and home furnishings and sold in the U.S. Another contribution is attributed to nonwoven textiles and personal care items. It is generally recognized that most consumers prefer cotton personal care items […]


1.Cotton towels are best for hands and bodies, while linen towels are best for dishes and glassware. Terry is the most absorbent of all weaves. It is an ideal towel for hand and body drying as it is looped both sides, thus increasing its surface area. Crash linen is a combination of linen, cotton and […]

The Perfect Cotton Bedsheets

Think about the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in, and what comes to mind? If it’s the sheets, you’re in good company. Because they come in direct contact with our skin, sheets are as important as a quality mattress and cozy blanket in sending us off to dreamland. The sheer variety of sheets on […]

Cotton Fibre and plant

Cotton is one of the world’s leading agricultural crops, is plentiful and economically produced, making cotton products relatively inexpensive. The fibres can be made into a wide variety of fabrics ranging from lightweight voiles and laces to heavy sailcloths and thick-piled velveteens, suitable for a great variety of wearing apparel, home furnishings, and industrial uses. Cotton […]

Cotton Cultivation in India

  Cotton is the most important fibre crop not only of India but of the entire world. It provides the basic raw material (cotton fibre) to cotton textile industry. Its seed (binola) is used in vanaspati industry and can also be used as part of fodder for milch cattle to get better milk. CONDITIONS OF […]