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8 party outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve

Whether you’re attending a small event or celebrating in style with friends, New Year’s Eve is all about glitz and glamour—and these party outfits have a heavy dose. New Year’s Eve is your time to shine. Dazzle in sequins and shimmer, and stand out in a crowd with our trendy fashion tips. 1. Go backless […]

Reasons why you should wear cotton in summer

What happens exactly Sweating is our body’s natural way to cool down. During summer our bodies tend toperspire more in order to beat the heat. In this scenario, cotton is a fabric that comes to our rescue. According to the Cotton Council International, cotton is a naturally grown fabric and is known for its numerous […]


      Raw Cotton Raw cotton (gin output) contains cotton fiber along with small plant parts and field trash that are not removed by the ginning process. At this stage, the cotton fiber has a coating of oils and waxes that make it hydrophobic. Raw fiber is suitable for making nonwovens to be used […]

Cotton Properties and Products

The Properties of Cotton 1.Cotton is a non-allergenic natural fibre that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin 2.Cotton’s softness makes it a preferred fabric for underwear and other garments worn close to the skin 3.Cotton’s adaptability allows it to blend easily with most other fibres including synthetics such as polyester and lycra and natural fibres like wool […]

History Of Cotton

        No one knows exactly how old cotton is. Scientists searching caves in Mexico found bits of cotton bolls and pieces of cotton cloth that proved to be at least 7,000 years old. They also found that the cotton itself was much like that grown in America today. In the Indus River […]

Best Cotton in the World

The best cotton for comfort, durability, and silky softness is the cotton with the longest, strongest fibers. Pima, Sea-Island, and Egyptian cotton are all referred to as extra-long staple cotton [ELS cotton]. They all lead to better cotton comfort than other cotton varieties, yet Egyptian cotton wins the contest for having the longest, strongest fibers. […]

Cotton Waste Sellers Canada

Cotton Waste  We are one of the leading suppliers of Cotton Wastes from India. Our product range includes comber noil, clean carding waste, clean flat strip, clean dropping, cotton linter and others. Types of Cotton Waste : Comber Noil  We provide one of the finest qualities Comber Noil. Comber Noil is a by-product of the […]