• Wearing 100% cotton shorts in summer

The world uses cotton more than any other fiber and it’s primarily grown and used in textile, foods, plastics and in paper industries. Cotton, being a natural product has several benefits, like its ability to manage perspiration, insulate, offer comfort while wearingand most notably because it is hypoallergenic, weatherproof and a sturdy material. It’s doesn’t typically take several resources to process, and in most cases is fairly cheap, too. There are several advantages of cotton clothing. However, a number of the foremost normally cited are listed in detail. This is why this material makes for the most effective selection in your summer shorts.


  • Moisture management

Cotton material is breathable and transmits wetness away from the body and is absorbent and removes liquid from the skin. Cotton permits you to stay comfy as you exercise, making you dry by soaking sweat from your body.

  • Insulation

Cotton clothes protects you against the heat within the summer and cold in the winter by providing thermal insulation because the cotton material traps the air between the material fibers. Also the cotton fibers in clothing hold the material removed from the skin, further allowing additional air to be cornered between the skin and material that helps with insulation.

  • Hypoallergenic

Cotton material very rarely causes hypersensitive reactions and sporting cotton is commonly suggested for those with skin allergies. As a result of cotton, is hypoallergenic and doesn’t irritate the skin, it’s employed in medical merchandise like bandages and is the material of selection once it involves baby wear.

  • Durability

Cotton incorporates a high strength, making it sturdy, tough and less likely to wear or tear. It’s 30 % stronger once wet, withstanding several washings in hot water.


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