• What to Wear to Your Holidays Parties Besides Your Basic Dress


There are some things that you are glad happen every holiday season. You love binge-watching all of your favorite Christmas movies, making delicious cookies and receiving some spectacular gifts. Another thing you can expect every year is to attend a slew of holiday parties. Between friends, family, work and everyone in between, your December calendar is full. The parties can become a bit monotonous but that doesn’t mean your outfit should. Everyone wears the same old sequin party dress, but why not try something different? Try ditching the dress entirely and go for a something else. There are lots of party-ready pieces from jumpsuits to rompers to fancy jackets and pants.

Check out 12 party pieces that aren’t your standard dress:

1. Cate Eyelash Barely There Playsuit


Just because it isn’t summer, it doesn’t mean that you have to put your rompers away. This white one with eyelash lace trim will get you into the party spirit. If you’re worried abut being cold, pair it with tights and faux fur jacket.

2. Plus Size Aztec Print Crop Top and Aztec Print Midi Skirt


Coordinates may involve a bit more effort getting dressed, but they are just as easy to pull off as any dress. This Aztec print is a great alternative to sequins.

3. Cover to Cover Cape Top


Capes are great for dressing up outfits but some of them can be tricky to dance in. This cape top is the solution. The trendy crop top style has ruffled sleeves with a cape covering on the back.

4. Glitter Knit Culottes Jumpsuit


This is the trendy 2015 way to do a jumpsuit. Instead of the traditional wide-leg pants, this one has cropped culottes. It is also made out of a glitter knit, so it is festive and comfortable.

5. Wide Pleated Trousers


Who says that you can’t have a party-perfect pair of pants? (Try saying that five times fast.) These wide-leg trousers are made out of a shimmery black and gold fabric that picks up the light. It’s up to you if you want to wear them with the coordinating top.


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